15 Ways Your Displays Could Help You Sell More

15 Ways Your Displays Could Help You Sell More

by Christina Salwitz, Group Visual Merchandising Coach

First Impression- If I sent a Group Mystery Shopper to your store tomorrow would they report that your displays conveyed WOW factor AND a specific buying idea rather than just “See my cool new stuff?” Perception becomes reality.
Signage Placement- It’s called the “Silent Salesperson” for a reason, and signage within a display has a specific placement and purpose. There are three zones for proper signage, high up for directional, eye level for general and below eye level for specifics. Professional looking, correct grammar and spelling are non-negotiables. Steal great ideas from magazines for signage.
Speed Bumps- Smaller displays deeper within the store as to slow the customer down on their route and inject a space for showing and selling. These displays are the ones that get changed weekly, and show you quickly which products are selling.
Color- Men and Women literally see and react to color differently, this is key to using it effectively by product. A display based on pink petunias will appeal to a different audience than a display of primary colored hard goods.

Emotional Impact- Appealing to emotion for certain products sells. Selling pollinator plants for butterflies or companion plants that help pollinate a favorite tomato are impactful on sales. Whether it’s the cute factor of puppy and kitten pics on end caps or tugging at heart strings with the memory of Grandmas favorite lilac, it works!
Carry Product- Carry a product and walk with purpose, this attracts attention and when you stop to greet a customer, so it’s much easier to say “Have you seen this new widget we just got? “Here, feel how light it is in your hand.” Or “I picked up this purple one because I love purple, which color do you like the best?”

Fixtures- Nothing says you’re not serious about selling like cheesy fixtures. This doesn’t mean it needs to look commercial or cookie cutter, but it needs to be substantial, sturdy and easy to maneuver. It’s subtle, but customers notice things like this these days, just go look at all the Pinterest Boards devoted to retail displays at Anthropology or Terrain!

Lighting- When it gets dark early in fall and winter, appropriate lighting is key. The new LED strip lighting is easy, affordable and flexible enough to be added to the undersides of display tables and shelves. Up lights, spotlights, walkway lights make a huge difference. Heck you can even use a large-scale planter with a light pole inside of it and make it feel like a street scene.

Disabled Customers- Aside from adhering to the ADA, following this practice also makes for SAFER displays too. Nothing that can tip over, trip over or fall is acceptable.
Safety- I had a Boss once who was using a reciprocating saw on a ladder while building a display, he got a call and not only walked away from the ladder and saw (on the ladder, still plugged in) but the extension cord that was strung across the pathway at waste height. Can you say insurance nightmare? Enough said.
Offer Carts & Boxes- Keep carts and boxes at key points throughout the store, not just at the entry. MORE importantly, if a customer is ogling a display offer to bring them a box or a cart. I am shocked at how often I see salespeople miss this HUGE opportunity to make more sales.
Impulse Items- It doesn’t need to look like a 7-Eleven at your check-out counter, but having zero impulse items equals zero extra chances for sales.
Keep a Stash- A small stash of frequently forgotten items kept hidden within reach under the counter is a handy way to make quick sales. It doesn’t need to be a lot, but once you’re in the habit of offering, it will need to be re-stocked frequently.
Monthly or Weekly Add-On Exercises- Hold up one product or plant for the staff to practice selling add-on’s to, when everyone hears great ideas, they can copy each other. You will see improvements in creativity quickly!
Be Buzzworthy- I bet that if you asked your staff what the MOST buzzworthy product is in the store you might get a decent consensus. Now ask them what the MOST buzzworthy way to display it for great sales would be and see what happens! I bet that you will hear ideas that blow you away. USE that young energy!

Make your displays working for you!


Is your store's Visual Merchandising Helping You Sell More?
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Christina is our new Visual Merchandising Coach for The Garden Center Group.

Her message is: Today's market is more competitive than ever. That's why it's never been more important to strengthen the public image of the local independent garden center. A retail store's appearance and brand identity are remembered long after a customer forgets what they purchased. When properly combined with strong sales techniques, product knowledge, and consistent customer service, the circle is complete, ensuring repeat business from customers invested in your new ideas and seasonal inspiration.

Christina has consulted with independent garden centers since 2008 to help improve sales through strategic thinking and looking at product merchandising with fresh eyes. She believes in finding the visible benefit in both inventory and profitability when good planning meets product performance and great strategy. Christina helps bring to light a more profitable way of thinking about merchandising, by:

    • Helping clients define their merchandising goals more clearly
    • Creating communication plans that strengthen relationships with buyers and vendors
    • Crafting clear and concise team visions accomplishing new goals

So how are your center’s visual merchandising standards? If you are ready to move those standards to a higher level, give Christina a call and schedule an on-site training visit!

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