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Five Profit Robbing Pricing Fails

Friends...You probably know a lot about pricing. After all, you have many years’ experience doing just that. Think about this: pricing the way you know how is worth little more than one year of experience repeated over and over. You’ve probably heard the phrase that 

“it ain’t braggin’ if it's true." 

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Begin by Getting Inspired - Sid Raisch

Last week I challenged you to get inspired and then begin working on your 2016 plans. The video here is of Bert Jacobs, co-founder of Life is Good, and co-author of Life is Good, the Book that I recommended to you last week.  If you failed to order the book CLICK HERE to do it now. I hope you'll invest 13.5 minutes to watch the video (click on image on left), and that you'll invest in others by watching it with them.

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Where the Magic Happens - Sid Raisch

Where the Magic Happens

by Sid Raisch

On Wednesday during The Fall Event, Sid gave a challenging presentation titled "The Magic of Streamlining Your Business" and provided a path to making our businesses more simple, more enjoyable, and more profitable. While we can't bring you the full experience of being at his presentation (or the entire Fall Event), we can give you some powerful high points. And of course, if you were fortunate enough to be at The Fall Event, this is a recap to make sure you are working on this in your business operation!


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