15 Ways Your Displays Could Help You Sell More

by Christina Salwitz, Group Visual Merchandising Coach

First Impression- If I sent a Group Mystery Shopper to your store tomorrow would they report that your displays conveyed WOW factor AND a specific buying idea rather than just “See my cool new stuff?” Perception becomes reality.
Signage Placement- It’s called the “Silent Salesperson” for a reason, and signage within a display has a specific placement and purpose. There are three zones for proper signage, high up for directional, eye level for general and below eye level for specifics. Professional looking, correct grammar and spelling are non-negotiables. Steal great ideas from magazines for signage.
Speed Bumps- Smaller displays deeper within the store as to slow the customer down on their route and inject a space for showing and selling. These displays are the ones that get changed weekly, and show you quickly which products are selling.
Color- Men and Women literally see and react to color differently, this is key to using it effectively by product. A display based on pink petunias will appeal to a different audience than a display of primary colored hard goods.

Emotional Impact- Appealing to emotion for certain products sells. Selling pollinator plants for butterflies or companion plants that help pollinate a favorite tomato are impactful on sales. Whether it’s the cute factor of puppy and kitten pics on end caps or tugging at heart strings with the memory of Grandmas favorite lilac, it works!
Carry Product- Carry a product and walk with purpose, this attracts attention and when you stop to greet a customer, so it’s much easier to say “Have you seen this new widget we just got? “Here, feel how light it is in your hand.” Or “I picked up this purple one because I love purple, which color do you like the best?”