What Does Your Store Sound Like?

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What Does Your Garden Center Sound Like?

To answer the question, you first need to consider the different areas you can create an image in your customer's mind in leveraging sound. It can be the music and message heard when the customer calls the center and either experiences an automated greeting or is put on hold during the conversation. It can also be the sounds throughout your center. If done correctly, sound can be a big part of creating the shopping experience you want to create for your customers.

We have excellent option for you to consider in creating both on-hold and on-site sounds and messaging... Easy On Hold and their Brandi Music.

Special Pricing Just for The Garden Center Group Clients.

Keep shoppers in your store longer.

Studies show that the right mix of in-store music makes shoppers feel good and want to stay for longer periods. And as they spend more time at your place, they'll hear brief overhead announcements about a promotion or a service, in between a specific interval of songs (we'll help you design those intervals). Before you know it, your monthly special just inspired 10 more buyers to take advantage that day, paying for the program itself.

Keep shoppers on the phone longer. More studies show that when callers are on hold and hear silence, they'll hang up. But if they hear great-sounding music with brief announcements about a promotion or a service, 1 out of every 5 callers will respond to what they heard. Let's get those shoppers from the phone into the store. We'll create enticing voiced content, appropriate for the phone on hold experience, that gets results. (Note: Consider testing these results with the customized Mystery Shopper program.)

Exclusive Unlimited Plan. The Garden Center Group has negotiated special pricing for a program that will help you build business every hour, every day, even when you're not thinking about it. The plan includes unlimited updates and production costs to feature your promotional schedule. Updates are delivered by internet automatically. (A one-time $199 charge for a small digital player to interface with your overhead sound system or phone system may be needed... one for each system.)

WHITEPAPER From Easy On Hold: How To Choose Background Music For Your Garden CenterCLICK HERE

Easy On Hold's BrandiMusic: Getting the music fine-tuned for your environment isn’t all scientific. It will take some experimentation. Brandi Music™ has a user control panel that allows you to combine genres or channels of music to create a unique mix or blend. You create your blend of just the right music for your center. Ready to see a sample (and hear) more? CLICK HERE